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One Woman's Voice: South Africa

U.S. News has launched a series featuring women's voices from across the world. In each video, women answer several questions, including what are the positives and negatives about being a woman in their home country and whether there is gender equality where they live.

In this video, Tshego Thulare, who works for an education nonprofit in Johannesburg,South Africa, discusses the challenges and opportunities of being part of the first generation of black women in the country to come of age after the end of apartheid. “In a young democracy, there’s still a lot of opportunities for a woman to really trail blaze in,” she says. But while “we’ve got really progressive policies that are supposed to be opening doors, the power dynamics are still slanted towards men.”

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South Africa, for instance, has both one of the highest percentages of female parliamentarians in the world and an exceptionally high rate of domestic violence and sexual assault. 

Watch the video here